Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A little bit about.....Porters

With the temperature dropping it’s time to start thinking about what
beers to drink during winter. What will I be drinking?

Well, for me it’s time to start hitting up some Porters. The name Porter originates from the hardworking and thirsty porters who drank this beer in large quantities. Porters are perfect on winter days with their roast aroma, coffee and chocolate flavours shining through. 

Porters can vary from dark brown to black in colour and can range from being quite session able to drink through to a rich luxurious beer to sit on and nip away at in front of the fire. Most porters range from about 4-7% ABV but can start pushing the 8% ABV and higher, which are classified as Baltic Porters. The original purpose of the higher alcohol content in the Baltic Porter was to enable them to travel long distances by ship to the Baltic ports.

Porters are also great match with food such as oysters, stews, roasts, chocolate desserts and even salmon. Porters also go really well with Indian and Mexican dishes.

We've got a great selection of Porters at The Local B&P - two of my favourite Porters are Amager Bryghus, Rugporter ($15.50, 500ml)  and Mornington Penninsula Brewery, Porter ($5.35, 330ml).

Happy Drinking from Nitun!

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