Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Local BottleStore & Provisions - over & out


It is with great sadness that The Local BottleStore & Provisions will be closing down for good this Sunday June 17th at 8pm. We gave the Store a real crack but it wasn’t financially viable for the Local group of businesses and we have decided to focus solely on our existing craft beer venues, GABS and exciting new opportunities.

We have many ideas for moving the craft beer movement forward in Australia and we also have a few ideas we are considering for the Store. Watch this space for more updates. A heartfelt thanks to Ashley, Nitun, Rick and James as well as our suppliers and customers for their tremendous support and loyalty over the course of the journey.

For customers seeking great takeaway beer, we recommend other specialist beer shops such as Slow Beer, Purvis Beer, Black Hearts & Sparrows and Chapel Street Cellars.

Cheers & Beers,

Guy & Steve


  1. A sad sad day for St Kilda (or any) Beer Lovers.

    All the best for the future guys and you'll be getting my support.

  2. Wow - this is a real surprise. We have LOVED having you as our local spot for a cheeky takeaway, plus some happy cheese and cracker action. We even have one of your sweet jam jars on our table. You will be missed! xx